Thanks to the professionalism of my experience in the global world of Accounting and control over financial management and having better business plans to help my clients save, earn more, stay up to date with government taxes, organization of employee payments, vendors and collections debts and many more. I offer the best and the confidence to my clients to continue their business in good financial condition. The quality of my services and the commitment of the office, I have earned the trust of an extensive list of clients, who recommend us and support the work we do. I am an Accountant professional undergraduate majored with four years of experience that comes from New York, USA and is dedicated to providing accounting services at home and in my office room temporarily. I have flexible service hours and we guarantee the work done. The programs I use are QuickBooks and Ms-Excel. Four years of experience, combined with the excellent services provided by the Olympico USA International staff, allows me to position myself as the most reliable accounting firm in the country. I invite you to get to know our wide catalog of services, in which you will find financial accounting, consulting, human resources, recruitment and selection of personnel, sales of accounting software, among others. We charge $800 per Week (Special Introduction Deal at Great Discount and Low Cost/Bargain) - Other professional businesses charge $10K to $20K per month.

$800 $2500-68%